Turning Machine

  • Turret Milling Machine(FM series)
  • VMC Machining Center

    Paul Jet assure our clients of the greatest benefit. Here, we provide VMC Machining Center with 2 different models for you to choose from. They are both efficient, accurate and user-friendly for anyone to operate. 

  • Vertical Machining Centers - QP-L Series

    Vertical Machining Centers for Sale
    This Vertical Machining Centers (Normal Machining - QP-L Series) is designed and built to meet the ever-increasing demands for high efficiency, high accuracy machining, such as 3C parts production, and other applications that require a powerful and reliable machine to minimize the manufacture cost.

  • Vertical Turning Centers(VTL series)
  • Vertical Machine Center - QP Series

    Vertical Machine Center (Normal Machining - QP Series) Construction And Features: By adopting 4 hardened square ways on QP2855, QP3560 and QP3572, and 6 hardened square ways on QP4088, on machine base, this design offers the most rigld support for X-axis and Y-acis loading.