Manual Grinding Machine - 614/618

  • Manual Grinding Machine, Manual Grinder Machine - 614/618
  • Manual Grinding Machine, Manual Grinder Machine - 614/618
  • 614/618 Manual Grinding Machine

    • High rigid structure
    • High Abrasion Slide
    • High precision spindle
    • Automatic lubrication system
  • Rigid Construction

    The manual grinder machine's base, saddle, heavily ribbed column, table and wheel head are "MEEHANITE" casting which are produced by our related corporation and through internal stress elimination (annealing and seasoning), which assuress the highest accuracy and long life.

    Turcite-B Slide Way

    All slide ways are coated with TURCITE-B and then hand scraped for precision operation and longevity.


    The V3 graded motor directly coupled to the cartridge style spindle, which is supported by P4 super precision preloaded bearing with sealed lubrication to ensure the run out within 2* and high durability.

    Auto Lubrication System

    The automatic lubrication system is finished as standard to provide ample lubrication on all slide ways and leadscrews whenever the spindle is under the power, thus assuring smooth table movement.

  • Manual Grinder Machine

    General Capacity Table size(l×w) 150×355㎜ 150×460㎜
    Max.grinding length 375㎜ 475㎜
    Max.grinding width 160㎜ 160㎜
    Distance from table surface to spindle center 400㎜ 400㎜
    Standard mag. Ghuck size 150×350㎜ 150×450㎜

    Photos include optional accessories,Detailed specifications basis as quotation.


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