Gyro Port

  • Gyro Port
  • Gyro Port
  • Gyro Port
  • Gyro-port is one kind of spin window which is driven by compressed air without electrical connections and typically used in machine tools. Since machine window easily get blurred during machining because of cutting fluide and splashed chips, Gyro-Port make it possible to clearly see through what is going on behind the locked window, therefore the operators can monitor the metal-cutting process to prevent unexpected downtime, then getting faster machine setup and highter productivity. With regard to marine applicatons, offshore ships often encounter rain or storms blocking the sight during sailing, Gyro-Port can easily resolve blurry vision once installed.

    • Driven by compressed air without electrical connection.
    • Dual impeller design produce highter torque.
    • Stable and balanced rotation of the tempered glass.
    • Centrifugal force flings the objects out of the window.
    • Quick startup by enhanced torque.
    • Less air consummption and better efficiency.
    • Lower noise inside the enclosure.
    • Light weight based on aluminum construction.
    • Either direct bonding or through-hole installation is allowable.
    • Easy maintenance and field replaceable.
    • Compatible with most machine windows.
  • Type200-A1250-A2300-A3
    Powered by Air-driven Air-driven Air-driven
    Diameter Viewing 210 m/m 260 m/m 310 m/m
    Base 240 m/m 290 m/m 340 m/m
    Thickness Total 44 m/m 44 m/m 44 m/m
    Glass 3 m/m 3 m/m 3 m/m
    Nominal speed at 2 br (no load) 2600 rpm 2600 rpm 2600 rpm
    Air pressure 2~2.8 bar 2~2.8 bar 2~2.8 bar
    Weight 1.35 kg 2.01 kg 2.56 kg

    *Required air pressure is subject to applied load.

  • Gyro-port for ship Gyro-port for machine tools
    Gyro-port for ship Gyro-port for machine tools