Turning Machine

  • CNC Vertical Lathe, CNC Lathe Machine - FVL-VTC

    Vertical Lathe Machines, Vertical Turret Milling Machine - FVL-VTC: The Cross Rail elevation system with dual, large diameter ball screws is designed to lock quickly at any position; the ram can be placed closer to the work piece, providing excellent rigidity when machining thin work pieces.

  • Manual Lathe Machine - SJ-410

    PAUL JET HITECH CORP. adopts universal gearbox which provides a wide range of inch and metric threads for our manual lathe machine, it's easy to learn and get used to it. Please click on the photo for more information.

  • Manual Lathe Machine - SJ-560

    PAUL JET provides various manual lathe machines which high rigidity one piece cast base and tailstock. If you'd like to learn more detailed information please click on the photo.

  • VMC Machining Center

    Paul Jet assure our clients of the greatest benefit. Here, we provide VMC Machining Center with 2 different models for you to choose from. They are both efficient, accurate and user-friendly for anyone to operate. 

  • CNC Horizontal Lathe Machine - MT

    Paul Jet has cultivated this lathe machine field for years and we provide various cnc horizontal lathe machine to meet our customer's requirements. Here's the specific information of the MT type.

  • Vertical Turning Centers(VTL series)
  • CNC Lathe Machinery - SL

    If you're looking for excellent quality CNC Lathe Machinery, Paul Jet will alwasy be the right choice. The operation of our products is steady and it's easy to get used to it! Now click on the photo if you'd like learn more information of it.

  • Vertical Machining Centers - QP-L Series

    Vertical Machining Centers for Sale
    This Vertical Machining Centers (Normal Machining - QP-L Series) is designed and built to meet the ever-increasing demands for high efficiency, high accuracy machining, such as 3C parts production, and other applications that require a powerful and reliable machine to minimize the manufacture cost.

  • Vertical Turning Lathe(FVL series)
  • CNC Lathe Machine - SJ

    We provide expert CNC Lathe Machine with lots of types for you to choose from. Our machine functions always steadily and it's easy and smooth to operate.

  • Vertical Machine Center - QP Series

    Vertical Machine Center (Normal Machining - QP Series) Construction And Features: By adopting 4 hardened square ways on QP2855, QP3560 and QP3572, and 6 hardened square ways on QP4088, on machine base, this design offers the most rigld support for X-axis and Y-acis loading.